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Our Covid-19 Procedures


We care deeply for our students, our staff and all of our VMPS family. That's why we're taking enhanced precautions to keep our school safe. As a mother, my first priority is the health and welfare of my children and I know this is every parent's top priority. 

Just as we are striving to continue to provide our services of care and instruction to our students, we ask that our families strive to support us in our decision-making regarding how to best protect our students and staff. We are a Village, a community of people who value others' need to feel safe and feel heard, and we value your insight.

We trust that each family who chooses to send their child to our school for care or education services fully understands the possibility of exposure to COVID-19 and other illnesses. We trust that those who enter our facility are taking precautions to avoid exposure and spreading of illness in our facility.

We will continue to take enhanced precautions based on SC DHEC and CDC guidelines.  We invite you to read those precautions below.  

Thank you for your understanding and your flexibility as we work diligently to keep our children, staff and their families safe. 

Lisa Gerard, Founder & Owner


The following is a list of precautions we follow, which are based on SC DHEC and CDC guidelines:
  • Taking Temperatures: All children will have their temperature taken upon arrival at school.  Children with temperatures 100 degrees or higher will be asked to remain at home until their temperature registers 99.9 or lower.
  • Wearing Masks: Any adult (staff or parent) who is not vaccinated and will be in our buildings, teaching, or doing drop off and pick up is asked to wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose for the duration of time they are on school property.  This also applies to any outside therapists or tours.
  • Indoor Shoes: All students must bring indoor shoes and wear them inside the classroom.
  • Hand-Washing: We supervise frequent hand-washing of our students; students and staff must wash their hands for 15 seconds each time.
  • Disinfecting: We regularly disinfect hard and soft surfaces with disinfectant and the school is cleaned by an outside cleaning service daily.
  • Cohorting: When possible, we will keep children and staff together and limit interaction with children from other classes.
  • Air Quality: We practice techniques such as ventilation, running A/C fans on auto-mode, and limiting soft surfaces/dust.
  • Communication: We will communicate promptly with parents and staff should we have a case of "close contact" or if a student or adult who spent time in our buildings tests positive for COVID-19. We will also follow DHEC's reporting guidance for a positive case at school.
  • Isolation/ Quarantine: A child or staff member with COVID-19 symptoms, or who has been in close contact with a person who tested positive, must quarantine and not attend school for 10 days from the date of contact.  VMPS allows a child or staff member to return to school after 7 days with a negative COVID-19 test result on, or after, day 5 of exposure.  
  • Cases in Classroom: If a person in our facility tests positive for COVID-19, we will follow DHEC guidelines for "Cases in Classroom".  

Link to S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control

For specific COVID-19 Guidance for Child Care Providers: CLICK HERE

If someone in your household tests positive for COVID-19, CLICK HERE for the CDC quarantine and isolation guidelines that we follow.