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Learning Intervention & Educational Services

Learning Intervention & Educational Services 

VMPS offers individual and small group Learning Intervention and Educational Services.

We also offer specific programs for elementary school students in the areas of literacy and math: Elementary School Literacy Leaders and Elementary School Math Masters.

All services are provided by Mrs. Stacy Atkinson, VMPS Education Director & Learning Interventionist.  Mrs. Atkinson holds an M.Ed. in Exceptional Student Education with a concentration in Educational Therapy.  She is also a licensed Educational Therapist and her training is accredited by the International Dyslexia Association.  Mrs. Atkinson has experience working with preschoolers up to college-aged students as an academic coach, tutor and educational therapist.  

service offerings

Academic coaching is available to students that need help with executive function (managing time, assignments and keeping up with what is due). Academic Coaching is designed to help grow skills in the student so they can navigate independently. Tutoring services are also available for students who need help in specific content areas. Educational therapy utilizing NILD ( techniques aims at developing the skills a student needs to become an independent learner with clear, efficient thinking and processing. The focus of the therapy is on cognition, perception, academics and emotions.

In small group math sessions, students will experience math in a fun, interactive environment to strengthen their math skills. Groups will be 2-5 students. These groups are designed to help with those foundational concepts that are sometimes not yet solidified in the traditional classroom before the class moves on to the next concept. Focus areas will include: multi-sensory learning and numeracy exploration opportunities, number patterns, calculation and estimation, decomposing numbers, mental math strategies, basic facts practice, and problem solving.

In small group literacy sessions, students will enjoy a multi-sensory approach to foundational literacy concepts. Groups will be 2-5 students. Concepts and strategies include: phonemic awareness games, phonics instruction using proven strategies to strengthen decoding, fluency and spelling skills, reinforcement methods to improve reading comprehension, and games and activities to build decoding and fluency skills.

To download the complete list of Educational Services CLICK HERE.


Scheduling Sessions

Individual sessions may include a combination of services and techniques depending upon the needs of that student. Sessions and approaches are customized for each enrollee. Students with designated learning differences may benefit more from a heavier educational therapy approach whereas some students may benefit from more coaching and tutoring. Individual sessions can be scheduled for 30 minutes or 1 hour and may be scheduled for multiple days per week if desired. Small group sessions are 1 hour and will generally be 1 session per week with 2 to 5 students per group. 

Students do not have to be enrolled in any other VMPS program to participate in the after school educational services. 

Session Pricing:

  • Individual Session 30 minutes - $20 each
  • Individual Session 1 hour - $40 each      
  • Small Group Session 1 hour - $30 each


  • Monday-Wednesday-Friday between 3:00 - 6:00 pm
  • By appointment based on family need

Scheduling Appointments:

  • To schedule 1:1 or small group appointments ENROLL HERE.
  • To schedule a consultation, contact Mrs. Atkinson directly at or call 980-250-5016.

Please Note:

  • If you would like to schedule services with Mrs. Atkinson after 6pm, VMPS would be pleased to accommodate your appointment.
  • Should you be unable to keep your appointment the fee will be applied to a new appointment. All session fees will be billed via Brightwheel.


Education Director & Learning Interventionist

Ms. Stacy Atkinson - Education Director & Learning Interventionist

I am one of those individuals that relentlessly cheers for the underdog.  I think this is why I have a passion for helping students, especially those that are struggling, to realize their potential.  I found a niche to formally train and learn how to execute techniques to effectively help students through Educational Therapy.  From my first introduction to Educational Therapy, I knew this field was where I could really impact the futures of students. 

My educational therapy licensing and training through the National Institute for Learning Development ( has equipped me to help students in ways that continually amazes me.  Educational therapy incorporates several strategies to help develop focus, integrate both left and right sides of the brain working together, mediating math, phonetic based spelling and reading interventions, memory work, directionality work, addressing visual spatial weaknesses and much more. 

In addition to my Educational Therapy license, I have completed M.Ed. programs in both Exceptional Student Education and in Educational Leadership.  I have experience not only in Educational Therapy, but also in academic coaching and tutoring.  I have classroom experience teaching  high school history and math, middle school math and elementary level computers.  I enjoy working with students of all ages and my students have ranged from 4 years old to college age. 

I am a Licensed Educational Therapist and will also be available for 1:1 or small group private tutoring/intervention. I welcome any opportunity to partner with families of students that are struggling or just want to explore potential growth for their students. 

Individual and Small Group Learning Support in the areas of Math, Literacy & Educational Therapy.