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Elementary School Math Masters


Math Masters provides a fun learning environment for elementary students to build math skills in a small group setting. Math Masters is led by Mrs. Stacy Atkinson, a certified teacher with experience teaching math to all grade levels, math mediation, and math tutoring.



Math Masters takes place as a 5-week session on Thursday afternoons from 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM.  We are currently updating our schedule and will post the session dates soon!  


In Math Masters:

• Students will strengthen current math skills, address challenge areas, and build stronger automatic math fact response patterns in a fun, multi-sensory way.

• Activities will focus on building math facts and math fluency, learning problem solving techniques, and using math manipulatives and games.

• The group size will be kept small to allow for individualized coaching.


Fees & Enrollment:

• Fees will be $150 for the 5-week program.

• To Enroll Click Here.  Simply complete the enrollment form for your child and indicate "Elementary School Math Masters" in the notes. You will be contacted directly by Mrs. Atkinson to schedule time for an assessment and get underway!