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Kindergarten Readiness

Rising Kindergartner Summer Reading Readiness Program: Full-Day, June 1 - August 7

“SORing into Kindergarten” is here! SOR = Science of Reading

SOR is the reading methodology the United States is shifting to in teaching reading. 37 states have signed SOR-based instruction into law. VMPS is an early adopter of SOR and has been teaching SOR-based instruction since 2020. Our kindergartners are more prepared than ever!


  1. Improve skills for children age 5+ in phonemic awareness (sounds), phonics (letter-sound correlation, including blending), fluency (if your child is already reading), vocabulary and comprehension.
  2. Increase print awareness and further develop fine motor skills through the Practical Life area of the Montessori classroom
  3. Develop confidence and independence
  4. Provide a detailed assessment for your child's kindergarten teacher

Who is this full-time summer program for? Any rising kindergartner currently in full-time care or at home who will attend FMSD or CMS in 2024-2025. FMSD will be more aligned with Science of Reading (SOR)-based standards in the upcoming school year. 

Program Details:

  1. If your child is enrolled at another preschool we will waive our enrollment and enrichment fees. You only pay regular tuition.
  2. Our hours are 7am-6pm. The program hours are 8:30am-4pm. Rising kindergartners may attend 7am-6pm.
  3. Our SOR-trained teachers will assess your child in their reading development, provide a plan of action for summer school and for parent partnership at home and work with your child in their areas of opportunity.
  4. We offer observations by our speech and occupational therapists if parents have concerns about learning barriers.
  5. We will provide an end-of-summer assessment and forward it to your child’s kindergarten teacher upon request.

Students will participate in our water days on Fridays!

There will be plenty of playtime in addition to learning.