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The Learning Lab (Grades 1-6)

We are pleased to introduce The Learning Lab at VMPS!

The Learning Lab is a solution for parents with students in Grades 1st - 6th who will not be attending traditional public school this year.

Our vision is to provide a high-quality educational environment that is both nurturing and flexible, which consists of a close-knit classroom environment and an individualized online learning curriculum. We will strive to implement facets of our core curriculum each day, those being The Montessori Method, Balanced Literacy, and Christian Values, (as always, it is a family's choice to participate in Christian education activities).   

The Learning Lab will utilize the following online learning platforms: South Carolina Connections Academy (SCCA), Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Remote Academy (CMS), and Fort Mill Virtual Academy (FMVA), depending upon where your child is registered. We will also provide learning coach services and care for students enrolled in the FMSD A/B schedule.  

Dedicated learning coaches will work with students 1:1, and in small group formats, to reinforce core subjects and complete their online assignments. Students enrolled in The Learning Lab will participate in Village Montessori provided enrichment in the areas of STEAM, art education, music and movement, outdoor time, and field trips.  

Learning coach fees for The Learning Lab for SCCA are established.  However, fees for The Learning Lab for all other platforms and the A/B schedule will be announced once CMS and FMSD finalize their daily schedules.



The Learning Lab OFFERINGS

The Learning Lab is an academic year-long commitment* and will begin on the following dates:

  • SCCA* - School begins on August 17th. The SCCA school day will be from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. 
  • CMS* - School begins on August 25th. When the CMS schedule is published we will adjust the Learning Lab hours and fees accordingly for CMS students.
  • FMSD* - School begins on August 31st. The anticipated schedule is 7:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. and we will announce fees accordingly once the schedule is finalized.  
  • A/B Schedule - School begins on August 31st. The anticipated schedule is 7:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. and we will announce fees accordingly once the schedule is finalized. This particular offering will not be a year-long commitment but will be provided year-round as needed.  
  • Before and after school care is available to all students for an additional fee.  


Enrollment in the learning lab

At VMPS we are striving to provide our students with consistency and predictability. Our goal is to provide a classroom community where students can make new friends and interact in academic groups; where they can depend on one another and support each other during this unsettling time. As such, enrollment in The Learning Lab is an academic year-long commitment.  We will continue to accept new students in The Learning Lab who are enrolled in their district's online program, space permitting.   

To participate in The Learning Lab families must be enrolled with SCCA or their district's virtual school, AND enrolled with VMPS. Families who wish to unenroll from The Learning Lab in the 2020-2021 school year will still be expected to fulfill the financial commitment to VMPS for the full academic year. Students who unenroll from the Learning Lab at VMPS are not considered unenrolled from their district's virtual program, as those are separate enrollments. This excludes A/B schedule students.

It is for these reasons your commitment to VMPS would be for the full academic year:

  1. We have a small offering and space is limited, therefore, we are being selective about admissions to provide the most cohesive, peaceful and consistent school environment possible for the benefit of our students.
  2. We are committing staff and resources to our student families for the year and we ask for the same consideration. We have hired highly qualified, certified teachers and committing more resources to this program compared to our previous offerings. To be successful, we must have the financial commitment from our families to provide quality through the entire year.
  3. The school districts are requiring a one-year commitment for their virtual learning options. 
  4. The Learning Lab is a unique offering with a different curriculum, schedule, calendar and discounted pricing compared to our preschool/childcare classrooms.
To enroll your student in The Learning Lab either full time or for the duration of the A/B schedule CLICK HERE 


South Carolina Connections Academy

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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Remote Academy

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Fort Mill School District Virtual Academy

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Fort mill school district A/B Schedule

Fort Mill School District A/B Elementary Calendar 2020-2021



The Learning Lab Team 

Ms. Sara D'Amico - Lead Teacher & Coach

I’m thrilled to be joining the team at VMPS and look forward to launching the Learning Lab in August 2020.  I am originally from Ohio and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Kent State University. My husband, Scott, and I moved to Huntersville, NC in 2003 to embark on our careers in education. I started out as a third grade teacher and I’ve worked in public and private schools in North Carolina, ranging from preschool through the elementary grades. I even took a break and worked as a residential real estate broker for five years.

Most recently, I worked as a substitute teacher at Orchard Park Elementary School in Fort Mill, where my own children attended school. I have an eleven year old son, Vincent, and an eight year old daughter, Stella, that will be joining me for second grade at the Learning Lab at VMPS.  Please reach out to me if you have questions or want to chat more about our new program for students in grades 1-6.