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The Middle School Math Lab

We are excited to share a new offering - The Middle School Math Lab!

The Middle School Math Lab is designed to provide in person math support and homework completion for students on their A/B off school days. The Math Lab is led by Mrs. Stacy Atkinson, a certified teacher with experience teaching Middle School Math, Algebra 2, Financial Algebra, and Math Mediation/Tutoring. 

The Math Lab will operate on an ongoing basis from 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM, Monday-Thursday. 


In the Math Lab:

• Students will receive 1:1 assistance with math work from their respective grade curriculum to supplement school day instruction.

• This program is designed to:

  1. Create a daily math routine
  2. Solidify math concepts
  3. Build confidence in areas in which they may be struggling
  4. Ensure completion of off-day homework

• Lab sizes will be kept small to allow for individualized coaching.


Fees & Enrollment:

• Fees will be $60 a week for 3 hours of Math Lab support.

• To Enroll Click Here.  Simply complete the enrollment form for your child and indicate "Middle School Math Lab" in the notes. You will be contacted directly by Mrs. Atkinson to schedule time for an assessment and get underway!