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The village montessori approach

Our preschool curriculum is Montessori combined with Balanced Literacy with weekly and monthly enrichment.

Our kindergarten curriculum is based on South Carolina standards. We utilize Balanced Literacy and reinforce traditional lessons with Montessori materials, particularly in the areas of language arts, math and science. VMPS enrichment is included.

The Learning Lab curriculum is South Carolina Connections Academy with Montessori-influenced supplemental lessons. VMPS and SCCA enrichment and field trips are included.


At Village Montessori we...

  • Meet children where they are in their development and individualize instruction to nurture their development in the 5 developmental planes.

  • Offer pre-primary (toddler) and primary (preschool) classrooms for children aged 12 months through 5 years; our primary classrooms provide a mixed age environment meant to foster a community of learners with differing skill levels to promote leadership and perseverance.

  • Prepare transitional kindergarten students (those turning five soon after September 1st) for kindergarten by immersing children in a literacy- and math-rich environment with continual assessments that are stress-free and fun. 

  • Provide an alternative to public school in The Learning Lab for grades 1st - 6th, which consists of the South Carolina Connections Academy online learning platform in VMPS classrooms and VMPS-led enrichment and field trips. We will strive to provide a school experience that is as normal as possible during the 2020-2021 school year and beyond.  

  • Offer afterschool care, care on public school teacher work days and breaks as well as enriching summer programs, including in-person camp and virtual camp.

  • Teach Montessori's grace and courtesy at every opportunity as well as Christian values through the use of age-appropriate devotionals, which teachers incorporate into the weekly curriculum (parents may opt out of the Christian practices). 

  • Allow freedom of movement and choice during the Montessori work cycle; teachers provide the guidance and know-how to enable a group of children to work independently and harmoniously amongst and with their peers.

  • Celebrate diversity through festivals and events that teach children acceptance, tolerance and about the beauty of the things that make each of us unique.