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School Calendar

vmps School Calendar 

Please note that some programs at VMPS follow different calendars and schedules.

To download a copy of our 2023-2024 School Calendar please CLICK HERE.

Specifically, the following programs follow the Fort Mill School District (FMSD) Calendar:

  • Half Day Programs, School Day Kindergarten and After School Care.
  • When FMSD is closed for teacher work days and holidays, so too are the aforementioned programs at VMPS.  Please cross reference the FMSD and VMPS calendars for dates when these programs are closed, as they may differ slightly from the VMPS calendar.  
  • To reference the FMSD Calendar, please visit FMSD School Calendar.
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
To view the complete VMPS calendar by month and activity, we invite you to click on the interactive calendar below or download a one-page calendar HERE.